Response of the Wind Excited Benchmark Building Upgraded with SAEMFDs


Department of Civil Engineering, B. V. B. College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli, India


Dynamic behavior of the wind-excited-benchmark-building using Semi-Active Electromagnetic Friction Dampers (SAEMFDs), with modulated homogeneous friction algorithm is presented. The performance of the benchmark building is studied under across wind loads by installing the SAEMFDs with smooth boundary layer semi-active friction (SBLSAF) algorithm. The governing equations of motion are solved by employing state space formulation. Initially, one damper in each of the upper 26 storeys of the building is installed and later on the optimization of the location and the number of dampers required is carried out till the comparable performance criteria are obtained. The criterion selected for optimality was controllability index, obtained with the help of root-mean-square (RMS) value of the inter-storey drift. The performance of SAEMFDs is compared with that of passive friction dampers. Further, a parametric study is carried out by varying the value of controller gain (β). For each value of β, a parametric study of SAEMFDs by varying the value of the parameter representing the measure of the thickness of the boundary layer α is carried out. From the numerical study, it is found that SBLSAF algorithm is quite effective in enhancing the quality of the performance of the benchmark building. Optimization of location of dampers gives an economical solution to the vibration control of the benchmark building.