Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Short Columns with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars


Assistant Professor


This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation of the axial behavior of small scale square reinforced concrete columns with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bars, as a solution to overcome the corrosion problems, where this material represents a relatively new technology; therefore much research is needed to determine its characteristics and gain confidence to be accepted by engineers for practical application.
A series of 8-column was tested in a vertical position and under compressive axial static loading. Where all columns had the same dimensions 250*250mm and 1250mm height, main reinforcement 4#12mm, 6#12mm, and 8#12mm, the transverse reinforcement was ø6@120mm closed stirrups along column
The major parameters included in this research were the main reinforcement ratios, the main reinforcement types, the transverse reinforcement ratios in the column, and the charac-teristic strength of concrete
Results from a series of tests on small-scale specimens showed that increasing main reinforcement, transverse reinforcement ratios in the column ends and increasing characteris-tic strength of concrete have a significant effect on the behavior of reinforced concrete col-umns with GFRP.