An Efficient Auto Redundant Technique for Analysis of Single Layer Grid with Curved Mambers


1 Department of Civil Engineering, L.D. College of Engineering, Gujarat, India

2 Department of Civil Engineering, Engineering College, Tuwa, Gujarat, India


This paper presents an Auto Redundant Technique for analysis of grid with curved members.
This technique is based on the force method, but in the technique choice of the redundant is
completely eliminated. The analysis technique is found very effective, accurate and
programmable. A comprehensive C++ program has been developed to compute internal
forces at the end of each member of the grid for different load cases and their combinations.
Presently in this paper analysis of grid is carried out with fixed support when it is subjected to
concentrated point load, twisting moment, bending moment, full/partial uniformly distributed
load and full/partial uniformly varying load. In this technique, any number of load cases can
be accommodated without creating any additional node(s) on the member. The power of the
analysis procedure is effectively demonstrated through the solution of one benchmark
problem. The results obtained through the program for complementary load cases are
compared with the results from analysis software and are found to match.