Ductility-based Seismic Design Of Steel Plate Shear Walls: Practical Application Using Standard Sections


Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India


Over the past decade of extensive research works, the thin un-stiffened steel plate shear wall
(SPSW) has now emerged as a promising lateral load resisting system. Considering the
demand of performance-based seismic design (PBSD) philosophy in current and future
seismic design codes, a ductility-based design was recently proposed for SPSW systems with
pin-connected boundary beams. However, the effectiveness of that method was not tested
using standard steel sections. The focus of this paper is to check the applicability of that
PBSD procedure for practical designs of SPSW systems in the US and Indian context, using
standard rolled steel sections available commercially in these countries. Based on sample
design case studies on 4-story test buildings, the method is found to be a practicable solution
for PBSD of SPSW systems. In addition, the distribution of inter-story drift over the height of
the structure is also found to be suitable for adopting in design guidelines. The need for
widening the range of available Indian Standard sections for realistic PBSD applications is