Stability Analysis Of 3-d Conventional Pallet Rack Structures With Semi-rigid Connections


Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India


This paper describe the three dimensional finite element modeling and buckling analysis of
conventional pallet racking system with semi rigid connection. In this study three
dimensional models of conventional pallet racking system were prepared using the finite
element program ANSYS and finite element analysis carried out on conventional pallet racks
with the 18 types of column sections developed along with semi-rigid connections. A
parametric study was carried out to compare the effective length approach and the finite
element method for accuracy and appropriateness for cold-formed steel frame design.
Numerous frame elastic buckling analyses were carried out to evaluate the alignment chart
and the AISI torsional-flexural buckling provisions. The parameters that influence the value
of Kx for column flexural buckling were examined in this study. The alignment chart and the
AISI torsional-flexural buckling provisions, used to obtain the effective lengths and elastic
buckling load of members were also evaluated. Results showed that the elastic buckling load
obtained from the AISI torsional-flexural buckling provisions is generally conservative
compared to the results obtained from performing frame elastic buckling analysis. Results
also showed that, the effective length approach is more conservative than the finite element